Professional site survey and technical monitoring advice

The implementation of a condition monitoring system including measurement systems, software, on-site service and training needs a strategy and experience te be done properly. VIBRMETRIX helps industrial and marine focussed companies to implement condition based maintenance strategies. Thanks to ISO certified personnel and many years of practical experience in many industries as well as offshore, the implementations are done swiftly.

On-site installation and commissioning services

After having purchased sensors, junction boxes or online systems such as VIBROMETRIX Asset Protector, we install, commission and maintain the measurement systems on-site. Ranging from simple instalation to complete administration and management of the vibration based condition monitoring system, VIBROMETRIX  remains a reliable partner long after the systems have been purchased.

Training and field assistance

VIBROMETRIX systems are simple to use, so training operators and vibration technicians is straightfoward. However, the on-site aplication may not be so easy to monitor. Therefore ISO certifies vibration and condition monitoring specialists support teachnicians and operators all along the way, explaining where to slect measurement points, what to measure and how to assess the measurements and the alarms depending on the proces and the machine properties.

High-end vibration analysis and troubleshoting

When an alarm is triggered and an overall vibration reading does not provide enough information about the exact cause of the increased vibration level, then VIBROMETRIX is available for advanced disgnostic measurements. With FFT and timesignal analysers, the exact cause of aberrant vibration levels are identified and findings are reported in a comprehensive report that includes advices and recommendations in order to solve the vibration related problems.

Root-cause analysis and improvement proposals

A final step in the layered approach to asset protection is the formulation of advice about measures that need to be taken in order to remove the root cause of the vibration related problem. Only then will the machine run smoother and can the mean time betwen failure be increased, resulting in considerable financial benefits and a more reliable plant. Proposals to improve the situation can be as simple as recommendations to balance rotors or align the couples shafts, but in some cases, re-engineering parts of the instalation such as pedestals and piping may be required.

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