Portable vibration meter

Download the VIBROMETRIX Vibration Meter brochure in PDF format (High resolution PDF brochure for printing).

The Portable vibration meter is a compact, rechargeable, handheld vibration measurement device designed to conform to ISO10816-3 and operate with a constant current accelerometer providing accurate vibration and temperature measurements. Features comprise of the ability to store up to 100 time-stamped readings, including; RMS, peak, peak-peak, crest factor and bearing conditions all on an easy to read vibrant colour LCD display.

  • General specifications
    • Portable vibration measurement
    • Measuring just 122 x 78 x 28mm, the vibration meter has an easy-to-grip industrial rubberised case and rechargeable battery. It is supplied with a probe into which is integrated a general purpose sensor, which has a default sensitivity of 100mV/g. Also included are a magnetic base and spike (for use with the probe), a coiled cable (50 cm nominal to 2 m extended) with a 4-pin Lumberg connector at each end, and a universal (battery) charger; all in a foam-lined and durable carry case.

    • Easy to use
    • This powerful yet easy to use device is the perfect entry level system to evaluate the health condition of rotating assets. With virtually no training, every field technician will be able to operate the device after a few minutes. The intuitive handling makes it the device of choice for each and every maintenance department in industry.

    • Compatible with all major brands of 100 mV/g IEPE accelerometers
    • Working wit industry standard accelerometers allows the users to connect a vast array of sensors and mounting accessories. In case of demanding applications such as submearged measurement points or high temperature locations, the right sensor can be connected, making the portable vibraton meter versatile and widely useable.

    • Limited investment
    • This device is designed to be used in harsh industrial environments but carries a mild pricetag in order to allow every field technician to benefit from his own portable condition monitoring device.

    • Bright colour display
    • Unique for this class of device is the large, bright colour screen. Information is displayed clearly and the bright backlit screen allows the device to be read, even in dark measurement locations. An indicator warns for low battery levels.

  • Technical specifications


    • Supplied in rugged carrying case
    • Rechargeable 3,7 V Lithium-ion batteries with worldwide charger
    • User selects units, filters and measurement mode
    • Audio output for listening to the vibration signal
    • Vibration / temperature cable with cable supplied
    • SI and Imperial units selectable
    • Colour TFT display, 160 x 128 pixels, 35 x 28 mm large


    • ICP 100 mV/g accelerometers (IEPE standard vibration pickups)
    • Delivered standard with temperature / vibration probe combined


    • Overall vibration in mm/s RMS/peak/peak-peak vibration levels from 2/10 Hz to 1000 Hz (cf. ISO 10816-3)
    • Acceleration (200 g)/ Velocity (2000 mm/s)/ Displacement (2000 µ)
    • Bearing condition evaluator: Crest factor, Bearing acceleration and bearing velocity in high frequency range
    • Low pass filters: 5, 10 and 20 kHz.
    • Band pass filter: 1-10 kHz
    • Temperature (up to 100°C)
    • Storage of 100 measured values with timestamp and measurement configuration
    • Communication with PC via USB interface
    • Operating from 0°C to 45°C, storage between -20°C and 60°C
    • Battery operating time: more than 12 hours


    • Wide range of accelerpmerets and cables for special applications
    • Headphone for listening to the vibration
    • Junction boxes for connection with remote measurement locations
    • Special applications (waterproof, high temperature, EMC shielding, etc…)

    The standard set contains:

    • Vibration meter
    • Measurement probe (vibration an dtemperature)
    • Magnet (for straight and curved surfaces)
    • Measurement stinger
    • Coiled sensor cable
    • USB A to mini USB B cable
    • Charger with 4 power socket adaptors
    • Rugged case
    • Operating instructions
  • Applications
    • Industrial blowers
    • Cooling towers
    • Electric motors
    • Diesel engines
    • Small turbines
    • Industrial gearboxes
    • Centrifuges and decanters
    • Centrifugal pumps
    • Test benches
    • Conveyers
    • Special applications…

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