The reliability of critical machines is an essential factor for all industrial companies. The slightest unexpected shutdown results in direct production losses, and the associated maintenance issues (logistics, spare parts, etc.) can be significant. ONEPROD MVX is a multi-channel real-time monitoring system that enables the onset of faults to be detected
early, thus providing peace of mind for industrial operators.

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  • General specifications
    • Minitoring and diagnostics for critical machinery
    • SMART MONITORING: The smart measurement and processing functions built into ONEPROD MVX are used to collect the highly qualified information required to monitor and diagnose your most critical machinery.
      With ONEPROD MVX, kinematic complexity and the variability of operating conditions are no longer an issue.

      SMART DESIGN With 8 to 32 channels within the same sized instrument, ONEPROD MVX can receive vibration, electrical, oil or process information, and adapt to your mode of condition-based maintenance.
      The system can be extended virtually to several hundred channels via communication interfaces with PLCs.

    • Mighty and powerful for complex machines
    • A RESPONSE TO ANY CHALLENGE: ONEPROD MVX can detect and capture transient sub-millisecond phenomena over 100% of the signal.
      Time signals are recorded using a «pre-trigger» on all relevant channels so that the event can be analyzed retrospectively.
      Its real-time processing capabilities make it possible to:
      • capture and record a transient phenomenon on a turbine for subsequent analysis
      • control a rolling mill based on its vibration behavior

    • Optimal productivity
    • MONITORING OF LOW SPEED SHAFTS: ONEPROD MVX offers an unrivaled solution for the monitoring of low speed shafts with a smart Shock Finder indicator.
      Abnormal impacts on shafts turning at very low speeds (from just a few rpm) are detected early and fully automatically.
      Real-time management of variable operating conditions enables ONEPROD MVX to escalate data required for analysis and allowing comparison over time.

      ANALYSIS PRODUCTIVITY: ONEPROD MVX will notify you in real time of any event requiring your intervention, by e-mail, text message or digital output.
      The stored data, associated with operating conditions, is highly qualified: no false alarms!

      A CENTRALIZED SYSTEM: The data acquired by ONEPROD MVX is automatically stored in the ONEPROD NEST
      software platform. Analysis of and access to the condition of production sites is simple: reports are accessible in just a few clicks, navigating from a map of the world to a detailed view of a machine. Wherever measurements have come from (a FALCON portable instrument, an EAGLE online wireless sensor, or an MVX online cabled monitoring system), the data is accessible via the same interface from any connected computer.

      EASY TO DEPLOY: ONEPROD MVX communicates and transfers its results in automatically and reliably to the
      ONEPROD NEST software via a secure Ethernet link.
      Operators can choose to use the local cabled network, a Wi-Fi network, or over the Internet via a 3G link, for example.

      INTEGRATED INTO YOUR ENVIRONMENT: ONEPROD MVX can be fully integrated into your environment. Process information is retrieved directly from the PLCs, eliminating any duplication of data. The advanced indicators defined can be transmitted in order improve process management, and maintenance management is optimized thanks to an interface with the CMMS system.

    With ONEPROD MVX, kinematic complexity and the variability of operational conditions are no longer an issue.

  • Technical specifications

    Please contact us for a full technical specification of MVX.

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