The FALCON offers a collection, analysis and balancing toool with outstanding performance, accessible to all users. ONEPROD has distilled 25 years of experience with condition-based maintenance into FALCON. Highly eperienced and novice users alike can now easily monitor machine vibrations and obtain highly pertinent results.

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  • General specifications
    • A host of innovations
    • FALCON provides the best that technology has to offer, in an innovative product meeting the needs of all users.
      Powerful yet easy to use, FALCON makes optimum productivity available immediately.
      Right from the outset, FALCON stands out with its wireless sensor, large color touch screen, automatic detection of measurement points via QR Codes, built-in accessories including a pyrometer, stroboscope and camera, shock-resistant design, and more.
      Nothing has been left to chance!

    • Reliability in automatic mode
    • AUTOMATIC CONFIGURATION: Any user can now set up vibration monitoring configurations with no expert assistance: All it takes is a straightforward kinematic description of the machine in the visual tool.
      Child’s play!

      AUTOMATIC DIAGNOSIS: FALCON’s built-in automatic diagnosis module provides unbeatably relevant and dependable results.
      All faults commonly encountered in industry, such as unbalance, misalignment, defective mountings,looseness, friction, structural resonance, lubrication defects, bearing defects, gear defects, pump cavitation and more, are detected.
      Faults are identified in clear and accurate language,and displayed with an associated confidence level. The result, displayed instantaneously, can be understood by all.

    • Optimal productivity
    • WIRELESS: The exceptional measurement capabilities of the FALCON three-axis wireless sensor make a genuine contribution to productivity. Synchronous acquisition reduces data collection times.
      After quickly mounting the wireless sensor, measurements can be made remotely and safely.
      Data point identification and sensor positioning are automatic. The monitoring controls repeatability is thus ensured. Most measurement errors stem from connections and wiring: with FALCON this is a thing of the past.

      UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE: FALCON offers exceptional real time processing capabilities, making it the fastest collection device on the market!
      It has never been so easy to identify critical speeds:synchronous acquisition of 4 vibration channels and rotation speed makes the measurement easier. Also,patented Bode-Ellipse technology allows neglecting the direction-based uncertainty.

      QUICK AND EASY BALANCING: With automatic simulation tools and assistance in positioning weights, FALCON is the benchmark tool correcting unbalance issues on site.
      FALCON provides intuitive visual assistance to guide users through operations. The results are automatically compared against standards to ensure accurate balancing. A report showing all data, graphs and photos is automatically generated in a single click!

    The FALCON automatic diagnosis engine packs ONEPROD’s 25 years of experience in vibration monitoring for condition-based maintenance. Validated in real-life situations and on historical data from numerous companies, FALCON automatically detects defective machines, with a reliability close to 100%. Based on vibration symptoms observed on the machine, FALCON automatically displays the most likely defect(s).

  • Technical specifications

    Please contact us for a full technical specification of FALCON.

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