Asset Protector


Download the VIBROMETRIX Asset Protector brochure in PDF format (or the High Resolution version for printing).

VIBROMETRIX Asset Protector is an industrial machine health monitoring system that protects machines from failure. It is based on on vibration monitoring of overall values in the full frequency range where machine components vibrate (including both low and high frequency). 

  • General specifications
    • Online realtime machine protection
    • The relay and analog outputs as well as the digital output via MODBUS/TCP or other fieldbus protocols ensures an optimal availability of alarms and measurement values on behalf of proces control systems or PLC’s. The realtime front display gives a constant feed of actual measurement values and the current state of the alarms.

    • Connect a broad range of sensors
    • The first step in a succesful condition monitoring implementation is the acquisition of the vibration signals on the machines. Because of differences in requirements, it is essential to select the right sensor and the appropriate cable with connector. One size fits all is simpl not an option if the system is to be modular and applicable in a wide range of industries and applications.

    • Transmit vibration values via MODBUS digital interface
    • A connection to a plant control and monitoring system is easy with VIBROMETRIX Asset Protector. Both digitally through MODBUS/TCP or analogically through relays and mV outputs. WiFi communication as well as communication via GPRS is supported too.

    • Compatible with all common PLC or DCS systems
    • If other fieldbus protocols than MODBUS/TCP need to be used, then a wide array of industry standard protocol converters are used to communicate with systems based on protocols such as ControlNet, CANOpen, DeviceNet, MODBUS/RTU and many others.

      • Easily retrieve measurement values via the IP address of the online unit
      • Integrate measured values into controll room data and displays
      • Use in a distributed network architecture without legacy cabling
      • Integrate with machine controll systems and access remotely
    • Low price per channel
    • No need for massive investments upfront. First target the most important machines and expand the system over time thanks to the modular system architecture. If standard ICP accelerometers are allready present, they can be connected straight to VIBROMETRIX Asset Protector. The system has ben designed to fit standard machinery, in other words: the price per channel is adapted to inexpensive machinery.

    • Indication of the measured values on the device
    • A bright front panel displays real-time information about the vibration amplitude and the state of the relay alarms. The behaviour of the built-in relays is easily programmable via keys on the display and can be locked for unauthorized access.

    • A dynamic output compatible with all major (FFT) datacollectors
    • To pinpoint the exact cause of an alarm triggered by an aberrant vibration level, the analyst will hook-up an FFT signal analyser to the 100 mV/g buffered output on the front panal of the unit. The output is compatible with all major brands of signal analysers and scopes on the market.

    Integrate Asset Protector in a larger network linking all critical machines that need to be monitored. The system uses industry standard MODBUS-TCP digital communication techniques and is extremely easy to install, making it the ideal plug and play monitoring solution.

  • Technical specifications


    • ICP 100 mV/g accelerometers (IEPE standard vibration pickups)
    • Optional with displacement probes (Contact our engineering dept. via the reply form)


    • 0-10V corresponding with high and low frequency overall values
    • Low frequency: 10 Hz to 1000 Hz in mm/s (vibration velocity in RMS according to ISO 10816-x)
    • High frequency: 10 Hz to 10000 Hz in g (acceleration, demodulated)
    • dynamic signal (100 mV/g) for vibration analysis via (FFT) analyser, recorder or scope
    • MODBUS/TCP output with digital measurement results (via Ethernet)


    • Relay outputs with numeric display
    • Datarecording

    Optional versions:

    • ATEx gas and dust
    • Special applications (waterproof, high temperature, EMC shielding, etc…)
    • Integration in proces control systems and PLC’s
  • Applications
    • Industrial blowers
    • Cooling towers
    • Electric motors
    • Diesel engines
    • Small turbines
    • Industrial gearboxes
    • Centrifuges and decanters
    • Centrifugal pumps
    • Test benches
    • Conveyers
    • Special applications…

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