Falcon data collector

With FALCON, ONEPROD offers a collection, analysis and balancing tool with outstanding performance, accessible to all users. ONEPROD has distilled its 25 years of experience with condition-based maintenance into FALCON. Highly experienced and novice users alike can now easily monitor machine vibrations and obtain highly pertinent results.


MVX online monitoring and diagnostics

The reliability of critical machines is an essential factor for all industrial companies.The slightest unexpected shutdown results in direct production losses, and the associated maintenance issues (logistics, spare parts, etc.) can be significant. ONEPROD MVX is a multi-channel real-time monitoring system that enables the onset of faults to be detected early, thus providing peace of mind for industrial operators.

Eagle smart wireless monitoring

EAGLE is ONEPROD’s easy-to-deploy continuous monitoring system for condition-based maintenance. EAGLE eliminates wiring, meaning that you can easily instrument more of your critical machines. EAGLE offers outstanding performance, ensuring optimal process reliability with minimal maintenance costs. This new smart wireless solution enables early fault detection through analysis of dynamic vibration signals.


VIBROMETRIX Asset Protector

Our body gives us plenty of warning signs when our health deteriorates. Machines do just the same. Using vibration based condition monitoring allows us to predict and avoid mechanical failures. The outcome is a more reliable machine with less downtime, a better planning of overhauls and a more profitable asset .


VIBROMETRIX Portable Vibration Meter

This portable vibration meters gives you the ability and freedom to measure vibration at any point on a machine and often a simple device may be all that you need to confirm that your machinery is working within tolerance. The system gives an RMS and peak-to-peak acceleration, velocity and displacement overall value on its colour screen. This allows for comparison with ISO and other evaluation guidelines.