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The examples below are ‘live’ cases and have been collected on machines during condition monitoring routes or trouble shootings. Click on the image to see the graph, image, table or video in greater detail and larger size.

Break failure in wind turbineBreak failure in wind turbine

Break failure in wind turbine

Watch this video that shows what happens when a wind turbine loses it’s brake on a windy day…

Warped bearing housingWarped bearing housing

Warped bearing housing

New bearing in a warped bearing housing: notice the peak at outer ring defect frequency in the velocity spectrum. After replacing the bearing housing the peak disapeared.



Looseness induced by imbalance: a number of harmonics of the rotation frequency are present in the radial velocity spectrum.

Bearing damage (BPFI)Bearing damage (BPFI)

Bearing damage (BPFI)

Damage on an inner ring of a rolling bearing: notice the peaks at inner ring frequency (and it’s harmonics) with sidebands at rotation frequency of the shaft.

Misalignment (Parallel)Misalignment (Parallel)

Misalignment (Parallel)

Example of misaligned shafts: spectral peak at twice rotation frequency in radial direction indicates parallel misalignment.



Example of imbalance on the certrifugal fan of an industrial blower. The main peak in radial direction is located at rotation speed.

Bearing damage (time signal)Bearing damage (time signal)

Bearing damage (time signal)

This is an example of a bearing damage (outer ring damage) visible in an acceleration time signal.

Resonance (Coastdown test)Resonance (Coastdown test)

Resonance (Coastdown test)

This graph is a coastdown test and shows the rotation speed at which the machine resonates.

Coupling failure in craneCoupling failure in crane

Coupling failure in crane

See what happens when the coupling of a crane drive unit breaks down while lifting a turbine shaft …

Common ISO guidelinesCommon ISO guidelines

Common ISO guidelines

This is a summary of the ISO vibration limits for most standard machines such as motors, pumps and fans found in the industry.